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A fleeting glimpse of the paranormal world, the world beyond appears to be uncertain. Opening our minds to the existence of ghosts is always rewarding. If ghosts are the personalities and temperaments of people who once lived and decided not to cross over to the other side, at the moment of their death, wouldn’t then these spirits reflect their former life?

The data that is occurring according to the laws of physics should not exist, but the paranormal is governed by a distinct and different set of rules. Rules between space and time, rules between matter and energy and how these concepts interact to create a universe in which all of nature exists. For the entities that operate in THIS realm the rules become simple and THEY are certain.

The dedication to finding the truth is opening the mind to the existence of ghosts. The gap is narrowing when that happens and the uncertain will be certain. Everyday a new encounter or experience should cause us to reevaluate the world of ghosts.


“Ghosts Are Everywhere”

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